Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Post from Last Week

Today was another exciting day in Cambodia! The team was so blessed to spend a great day with the kids and share the love of Jesus once again. Barbara shared today about Daniel and how he showed honor to God by obeying God and taking care of his body. Barb let the kids know how we should do the same. She talked about sexual purity something a 5 year old shouldn’t even have to discuss but in Svay Pak it’s life. She also talked about the men who have abused these precious children. This was a very hard but important subject to talk about with the kids. I can tell you God was at work during that time. As I looked around the room the children were listening very intently. My heart broke as I watched one of the girl’s begin to tear up while Barb talked. All I could do was pray because it hurt so much to watch a girl who was 10 years old cry because of the trauma she has already faced day after day in her life. While most kids are sleeping through the night cuddled in their beds with stuffed animals she is awaked by a costumer who she is forced to sleep with. My prayer went something like this. Dear God, protect this girl and all these kids. Help these children to understand your love despite their horrible circumstances. I got so angry that I prayed that the men who abused these children would drop dead. The sad truth is it’s not just the pedophiles that are sick it’s their parents who sell them. I spoke with the AIM Director Don Brewster he explained that parents don’t sell their children for rice/food like we may read about but they sell them just so they can buy luxury items like radios, televisions and other non-necessities. It was reported by IJM yesterday that Human Trafficking is now at all time high around the world 32 billion dollars this year. If it breaks my heart and your heart I can’t imagine how God must feel.

Dustin Larsen and Team Cambodia

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  1. it is sad and tragic. thanks for serving the people of cambodia, and don't worry, God will have his day and justice will come.