Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking for Restoration

Hello Everyone!

Today was quite a long day for our team with our schedule filled from sunrise to sunset! After church and lunch we headed off to see one of Cambodia's historic "killing fields." The Cheoeung Ek Genocial Center is a killing field where it is estimated that 20,000 Cambodian people where taken an executed by the Khmer Regime between 1975-1979 . Roughly 2 out of 8 million were killed. Percentage wise this is more then what Hitler killed. In the center of the killing field is a huge memorial dedicated to the victims of this horrific genocide. Inside the memorial are 17 levels of shelves holding close to 8,900 skulls recovered. Walking around this center was heartbreaking for our team. Looking down into the mass graves that held hundreds of people at a time, was like looking down into the pit of Hell. What is even more dis hearting, is that many Cambodians today aren't taught about this genocide and aren't aware of what happened.

After we left the killing fields we went to the Toul Sleng Genecide Museum. This place was designed to imprison and torture those held captive by Pol Pot, the commander of the Khmer Regime. The museum had four large buildings which captivated the pure evil in the hearts of those who inflicted such cruelty on innocent people. The museum displayed pictures of the victims who were imprisoned there and the torture chambers used. It was very overwhelming and unfathomable for our team to believe what went on there. We all left with sadness in our hearts.

Even though the mass genocide is over, our team is here now fighting against sexual slavery, an evil that is sadly happening to woman and children today. Please continue to pray with our team that we can restore the love, faith, compassion and hope in the people of Cambodia.

Tiffany Brundidge and Team Cambodia 2009

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  1. Thanks for sharing Tiffany. It is so sad to hear about the horrific history of Cambodia, but praise God that you all are there!