Monday, July 20, 2009

Returning Hope

Benefit Dessert and Art Auction for Agape International Missions

Saturday Aug 1st 6:30pm
William Jessup University
333 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin, Ca

Featured Speakers:
Don and Bridget Brewster

Cost $20 per person, $35 per couple (916.947.1016)

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Upcoming Event

Short Term Trip Recap Night
Sunday, August 9th, 7-8:30pm
Room 418 at Bayside Offices

Come hear what happened in Nigeria, Kenya and Cambodia.

Our 3 teams will share what they learned, how God used them and how your prayers and support made a difference.

For more information contact

For more information you can contact Kim Jacobson at

Maybe they'll even inspire you to sign up for one of next years trips!

Maybe they

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Post from Last Week

Today was another exciting day in Cambodia! The team was so blessed to spend a great day with the kids and share the love of Jesus once again. Barbara shared today about Daniel and how he showed honor to God by obeying God and taking care of his body. Barb let the kids know how we should do the same. She talked about sexual purity something a 5 year old shouldn’t even have to discuss but in Svay Pak it’s life. She also talked about the men who have abused these precious children. This was a very hard but important subject to talk about with the kids. I can tell you God was at work during that time. As I looked around the room the children were listening very intently. My heart broke as I watched one of the girl’s begin to tear up while Barb talked. All I could do was pray because it hurt so much to watch a girl who was 10 years old cry because of the trauma she has already faced day after day in her life. While most kids are sleeping through the night cuddled in their beds with stuffed animals she is awaked by a costumer who she is forced to sleep with. My prayer went something like this. Dear God, protect this girl and all these kids. Help these children to understand your love despite their horrible circumstances. I got so angry that I prayed that the men who abused these children would drop dead. The sad truth is it’s not just the pedophiles that are sick it’s their parents who sell them. I spoke with the AIM Director Don Brewster he explained that parents don’t sell their children for rice/food like we may read about but they sell them just so they can buy luxury items like radios, televisions and other non-necessities. It was reported by IJM yesterday that Human Trafficking is now at all time high around the world 32 billion dollars this year. If it breaks my heart and your heart I can’t imagine how God must feel.

Dustin Larsen and Team Cambodia

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Its early Friday morning, July 10th, our last day in Cambodia. The last few days have been a whirl of activity. As the week has progressed I've become more anxious and saddened by the fact that we're going home today. I can't imagine leaving these precious children. I've come to love Cambodia and the people.

When I came I prayed that God would open my eyes to see Him at work here. And He has. There's no doubt that God has placed people here in strategic places to reach the people of Cambodia. He's brought people here from other countries, and raised up Cambodian young men and women to fight against the evil of sex trafficking. Although we're sad to leave, we're know that God's work will continue here.

The highlight of my trip was this past Wednesday. We were teaching the kids about our bodies. How God made our bodies and how they're a gift to us from Him. And when we take care of our bodies, we honor God. I also said that another way to honor our bodies is by doing kind things with them to other people, and not hurting other people with our bodies.

At the end I told them that I had something very important to say. That next to telling them about Jesus, this was the most important thing we would tell them. Then I went on to tell them that we knew that men came into this village and did things to hurt the bodies of the little girls, and the little boys. And that was wrong. We were not okay with that, and God was not okay with that. But I also told them that it wasn't their fault, they were not bad, they were not wrong. But what others did to them were wrong. I also said that when the boys take the girls to the men, that was wrong too.

Then I told them that if that had happened to them they could come and tell us and we would listen to them, love them and pray for them. We would not laugh at them, or be angry with them. We would love them. We would never hurt them. God would never hurt them. We were safe, we would help.

As I talked, and as Ponha translated, the children became very quiet. The smiles were gone, and serious looks came over their faces. I knew that they knew what I was talking about. For some it was the first time they heard that what was happening to them was wrong. I can still remember the looks on some of their faces. One little boy right in front, Poea, he looked at me with sadness, but also a longing hoping that what I said was true. Some of the girls looked away from me in shame. Some had tears in their eyes.

Although none came to talk to us that day, I know that what we shared got through. I could see it on their faces, in their eyes. It was the most fulfilling experience to let these children know that God loved them and would never hurt them, and that we were safe people for them. Although we're leaving, Pastor Shantey and his wife, and Rattanak and Alli who remain to work with the children and pastor the community, love those children and will continue to be a safe haven for them. And they will continue to teach them what is right and wrong and give them hope.

God is working and changing the hearts of the people, one by one. And as He does, more and more children will be saved from being sold. More parents will realize that selling their children is wrong and want to protect them.

Today we're putting on a carnival for the children and serving them lunch. They're very excited. But we're sad, because it will be the last thing we'll do with them. My prayer is that if God brings me back next year, I'll see these children again, and that none will be sold to brothels. And that the one brothel with the 60 girls locked down will be closed down. Even more that more people and more children will have given their lives to Jesus, and be changed.

That's my prayer...
Barb and Team

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gods Plan

One thing you always experience on mission trips (and life) is some days God has a different plan. And for our team, we rejoice in His plans. We have mastered the art of going w/the flow & sitting back & letting the adventures happen. Today was not at all what we would have anticipated and it was beautiful.

Instead of gathering children, we were able to go visit the school (see pix posted below) and make a very brief presentation. It was such a pleasant surprise to see so many of our kids at school. Alli & her team have done a great job getting 50 kids sponsored to go to class. I loved that while we weren't able to share the gospel w/them, we were able to remind them that each one of them has a special purpose & plan for their life & as the future leaders of Cambodia, we encourage them to continue getting an education and know they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. These children don't receive any kind of encouragement from their parents. We PRAY that these little ones are able to break free from the bondage and move on to a better life.

Instead of normal club, a big funeral was going on, so more than 1/2 the village was loading up in trucks to go bless the body as it was put into the ground. The kids were pleading for us to join them and pastor told us it would be honorable for some of us to attend. So a few of us hopped in the back of a truck & drove off w/them to this funeral. [Side note: to think that last year we could not even walk in Svay Pak & here a year later, they are inviting us to a funeral for a village member. How awesome is that?!] Shauna, Roma and I were loving the natural air conditioning and just extra time with the kids we have come to love so much. At the funeral, Shauna got attacked by fire ants & one of my favorite girls, joyfully brought me over to where they were handing out sandwiches to make sure I got one. So sweet & I just prayed the whole time that I wouldn't get sick from who knows what kind of meat was in there.

Back at the ranch, Robi & Dustin had the honor of chasing out a white man "visiting" Svay Pak. That story can only be told by one of them. It's a good one. And then the afternoon sesh went almost as planned. It was good.

Seemed like a random day but yet all planned out. And as I tried to get through the afternoon session, emotions overtook me as the reality hit that we have really become a part of their lives and they ours and now we leave in just a few days. We have gotten to know them better and feel their hurts even more. We see joy in them and long for them to have such a better life. Seeing them, being with them, loving them - it all makes it so hard to believe these same beautiful, loving children could possibly be victims of endless nights of pain. I didn't plan on getting so attached to these children. I didn't plan on becoming such a part of their lives. I didn't plan on experiencing so much hope, joy & love in such darkness. But God's plans are so much better and I'm grateful I can trust him for His plans for their lives not the plans of men that have been arranged for these children. I look forward to hearing the stories of their lives and seeing what God does in & through these little ones.

Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended in for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Kim Jacobson and Team

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Monday, July 6, 2009

School Assembly

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking for Restoration

Hello Everyone!

Today was quite a long day for our team with our schedule filled from sunrise to sunset! After church and lunch we headed off to see one of Cambodia's historic "killing fields." The Cheoeung Ek Genocial Center is a killing field where it is estimated that 20,000 Cambodian people where taken an executed by the Khmer Regime between 1975-1979 . Roughly 2 out of 8 million were killed. Percentage wise this is more then what Hitler killed. In the center of the killing field is a huge memorial dedicated to the victims of this horrific genocide. Inside the memorial are 17 levels of shelves holding close to 8,900 skulls recovered. Walking around this center was heartbreaking for our team. Looking down into the mass graves that held hundreds of people at a time, was like looking down into the pit of Hell. What is even more dis hearting, is that many Cambodians today aren't taught about this genocide and aren't aware of what happened.

After we left the killing fields we went to the Toul Sleng Genecide Museum. This place was designed to imprison and torture those held captive by Pol Pot, the commander of the Khmer Regime. The museum had four large buildings which captivated the pure evil in the hearts of those who inflicted such cruelty on innocent people. The museum displayed pictures of the victims who were imprisoned there and the torture chambers used. It was very overwhelming and unfathomable for our team to believe what went on there. We all left with sadness in our hearts.

Even though the mass genocide is over, our team is here now fighting against sexual slavery, an evil that is sadly happening to woman and children today. Please continue to pray with our team that we can restore the love, faith, compassion and hope in the people of Cambodia.

Tiffany Brundidge and Team Cambodia 2009

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