Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gods Plan

One thing you always experience on mission trips (and life) is some days God has a different plan. And for our team, we rejoice in His plans. We have mastered the art of going w/the flow & sitting back & letting the adventures happen. Today was not at all what we would have anticipated and it was beautiful.

Instead of gathering children, we were able to go visit the school (see pix posted below) and make a very brief presentation. It was such a pleasant surprise to see so many of our kids at school. Alli & her team have done a great job getting 50 kids sponsored to go to class. I loved that while we weren't able to share the gospel w/them, we were able to remind them that each one of them has a special purpose & plan for their life & as the future leaders of Cambodia, we encourage them to continue getting an education and know they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. These children don't receive any kind of encouragement from their parents. We PRAY that these little ones are able to break free from the bondage and move on to a better life.

Instead of normal club, a big funeral was going on, so more than 1/2 the village was loading up in trucks to go bless the body as it was put into the ground. The kids were pleading for us to join them and pastor told us it would be honorable for some of us to attend. So a few of us hopped in the back of a truck & drove off w/them to this funeral. [Side note: to think that last year we could not even walk in Svay Pak & here a year later, they are inviting us to a funeral for a village member. How awesome is that?!] Shauna, Roma and I were loving the natural air conditioning and just extra time with the kids we have come to love so much. At the funeral, Shauna got attacked by fire ants & one of my favorite girls, joyfully brought me over to where they were handing out sandwiches to make sure I got one. So sweet & I just prayed the whole time that I wouldn't get sick from who knows what kind of meat was in there.

Back at the ranch, Robi & Dustin had the honor of chasing out a white man "visiting" Svay Pak. That story can only be told by one of them. It's a good one. And then the afternoon sesh went almost as planned. It was good.

Seemed like a random day but yet all planned out. And as I tried to get through the afternoon session, emotions overtook me as the reality hit that we have really become a part of their lives and they ours and now we leave in just a few days. We have gotten to know them better and feel their hurts even more. We see joy in them and long for them to have such a better life. Seeing them, being with them, loving them - it all makes it so hard to believe these same beautiful, loving children could possibly be victims of endless nights of pain. I didn't plan on getting so attached to these children. I didn't plan on becoming such a part of their lives. I didn't plan on experiencing so much hope, joy & love in such darkness. But God's plans are so much better and I'm grateful I can trust him for His plans for their lives not the plans of men that have been arranged for these children. I look forward to hearing the stories of their lives and seeing what God does in & through these little ones.

Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended in for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Kim Jacobson and Team

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