Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2

We have finished our second day in Cambodia. The weather continues to be very hot here; it's around 80 degrees with 90% humidity. Rahab's House is a cement building with a metal roof; it looks and acts like an oven. There is no air conditioning. But smiles are everywhere and hugs abound.

Rahab's House used to be a brothel, but now it is a community center for the residents of Svay Pak. Today after we finished our morning session with the kids, the pastor and his wife opened up the "medical clinic" for the village residents every Tuesday and Thursday (free of charge). Fortunately for them, a doctor is currently working with AIM so he is helping to address some pretty serious medical issues for the pastor. Thank you Dr. Dave!

Our story today was about Paul and Silas when they were arrested for casting out a demon from a rich owner's slave girl. The rich owner didn't like losing his demonic servant, so he had Paul and Silas arrested. They were beaten horribly, almost to the point of death, and thrown unconscious into a dark prison cell. When they regained consciousness, instead of panicking or complaining, Paul and Silas chose to sing praises to God. Can you imagine? Here they are, beaten and near death, and still they can praise God.

The children that we are serving at Rahab's House are very similar to Paul and Silas. Some have been held captive in brothels, with no possible chance of escape. They are "freed" only when they have been used up. Some are sold nightly to strangers for sex acts. Who knows what atrocities these children face in the darkness of the night? Whether they are being held captive in a brothel or are emotional captives in their own homes, these children can certainly relate to Paul and Silas's circumstances. Will these children choose to praise God throughout their horrific circumstances?

It's our job to teach them about Jesus and how to praise through all circumstances. No matter what horrible things are happening to them, God loves them. As long as these children survive, we can teach them about the love of Christ and the freedom that His salvation brings. We can all break the chains of our imprisonment, we just have to learn to sing praises through the imprisonment.

Dena Kauer

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 1

Its almost 10pm on Monday evening, and we've just finished our first day here in Cambodia. We had a great trip on our way here stopping in Hong Kong for a day. Cambodia is like no place I've ever seen, or could have imagined. I'm still trying to process what I've seen, smelled and experienced today. First of all, we're in the capitol, Phnom Penh. Its a big, crowded city. People mostly drive around on motorbikes transporting their entire families on one bike, including infants. Traffic lights, and order on the roadways are non-existent--and pedestrians do not have the right of way! I've already had two tuk-tuk rides--a motor drawn open carriage. Its a popular way to travel here.

This week we're doing a Vacation Bible School program with the children in Svay Pak. This is a highly trafficked area with most of the children trafficked in the sex slave trade. The children were incredibly excited to meet us this morning. They're sweet, precious and very friendly. Our guides took us around to the homes of the families in Svay Pak. There is so much poverty, with entire families living in open shacks the size of a small bedroom.

Its just so hard for me to process that these young, small, precious children are sold by their families every night and used for sex. One little girl showed up today with makeup on. She had to be about 6 years old. We found out that the week before she'd come to kids club with bruises all over her. Her mother had given her a beating because she refused to have sex with a man. She's still a virgin. After tonight she won't be...she's 6 years old. Her childhood has just ended. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I've been praying for her every since I saw her.

On our way home tonight we got caught in a rain storm. Within minutes the streets flooded a couple feet deep. Our tuk-tuk driver had to drop us off to walk back to our hotel because he couldn't drive through the water. We waded in dirty, sewer water up to our knees. It was quite an adventure. Thanks so much for your prayers. We need them. We're still jet-lagged, the heat and humidity is extreme and some of us our sick. But we feel so privileged to be here, and excited about what God wants to show us of Himself here in this place. He is working. He is a beacon of light here in the midst of this evil. Continue to pray for God's power to rescue these children from this life of torment, and their parents from the ignorance that perpeuates this from one generation to the next. And pray for Agape International who are here every day being Jesus to these people, and providing a refuge for the children.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

1st Stop- Hong Kong

We have arrived in Hong Kong. Excited about our 9 hour layover. We are taking the train to cental Hong Kong.

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We Made it

To the SFO that is. Just the beginning of our amazing journey. Our first stop is Hong Kong. We are all exausted, but just started talking about the on demand tv! 14 hours will fly by!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

iPhone test from CA

We are leaving in 1 week. Can you believe it?
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