Sunday, July 5, 2009

As I sit here contemplating today, the 2 words that keep popping into my head is light and dark. The light was worshipping the Lord in Cambodia with over 100 fellow believers at the church in Kilometer 6. Each of us had an opportunity to share a portion of God's word that has special meaning for us. This was a blessing to the congregation, as many of them do not have the privilege of owning their own bible and mainly depend on the pastor, Moses, to share God's word with them. Mose's reputation probably proceeds him, but for those who haven't heard of him, he is the Paul of Cambodia. This amazing man of God has planted over 800 churches throughout Cambodia and is currently mentoring 15 young men and women. These disciples will rise up to become the leaders of these churches that Moses is helping to plant. Moses also shared with us that on Monday he will be traveling 3 hours to baptize 300 new believers! How amazing is that?! You can definitely see God's light breaking through the darkness that has been allowed to exist here for so long.

After lunch we visited the Choeung Ek Memorial (aka the Killing Fields) and Toul Sleng Prison. It was at the prison where the prisoners were first brought to be beaten and tortured to obtain a confession, so that they would feel justified in executing them. Between visiting these two places, you begin to understand how Cambodia started it's deep descent into a godless, desparate time. One of the plagues says it all: "The ones who tortured, beat and executed have the same human heart, but have allowed a darkness to live inside." It is sad to think that even though these atrocious acts occured 30 years ago, that same darkness is raging in the hearts of those who rape and torture young girls and boys for their own pleasure. But how awesome that we know a God that has the power to rip out and destroy that darkness! Please continue to pray for us that our words and our actions will bring the good news, not only to the victims, but to the perpetrators. Continue to pray for boldness and protection, especially for Robi, Dustin and Kim who are speaking up and confronting and sharing the gospel with those who are participating in these acts or are being ambivalent to what they are allowing to happen in their village or hotel.

Other prayer requests:
Health for the team and continued cooler weather
Bilingual bibles and hymnals for the church at Kilometer 6
For all the documents to be provided so that baby Bella can be officially adopted by Alli
For the 2 army officials who recently came to Christ, that they will stand firm and make a difference with their fellow officers.

Roma and the 2009 Cambodia Team

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  1. Roma, I'm praying for you, this must be such a foreign experience for you. God has you there for a purpose.